About Patient Gateway Reports  

What does the "Reports" screen show?

  • The report table contains the following reports from your medical record:
    • Discharge Instructions
    • Microbiology
    • Pathology
    • Radiology
  • A report with a status of "Available on <date>" means that your report is not yet available in Patient Gateway due to Partners Healthcare policy. This policy determines the length of time before a report is displayed in Patient Gateway. Most reports are available within several business days after they are finalized.
  • Your doctor or nurse is best able to interpret the meaning of the report.

Will I see all my Reports?

  • Radiology Reports that have a status of "Final" from your medical record are available online to view and print. Radiology reports are sometimes updated after they are posted. For further information about your test please contact your health care provider.
  • The Partners Clinical Content Committee approves reports shown in Patient Gateway.

What if a report is not shown in Patient Gateway?

  • Reports do not currently include reports performed outside the Department of Radiology -- such as Cardiology (example: echocardiogram).

What do my Reports mean?

  • Your doctor or nurse is most able to help you to interpret your Reports. Your reports are usually reviewed by your doctor or nurse soon after they are available.
  • Diagnoses provided by the radiologist are only based on the review of your test and may not be final. For further information about your test please contact your health care provider.

What if I have questions about a report?

  • For questions about a report, please allow time for your doctor to review a report and contact you before you contact them.
  • If you are not contacted after a reasonable time period, you can contact your doctor's office in the most comfortable and convenient way for you - using Patient Gateway for secure online messaging, or by telephone, or by arranging an office visit to review and discuss the reports.

How will I hear from my doctor about my reports?

  • Doctor or nurse interpretations of your reports are usually communicated to you by phone, by letter, by Patient Gateway, or during an office visit.
  • Your physician or nurse will review your reports. This could take as long as several weeks, or as short as a few days, depending on the exam. Please allow time for this before contacting your physician about reports.

What if I have questions about the Reports feature in Patient Gateway?

  • For specific questions about a report, please contact the ordering physician. For questions about the Reports feature and how it works, please use the Patient Gateway feedback option to send a product question or technical question to the Patient Gateway team.

Thank you for using Patient Gateway!